Friday, May 4, 2012

JUJU Cleanse

I'll be doing a 3-day JUJU Cleanse, starting tomorrow. If you're wondering, what the heck is that, head on over to

It's basically juice fasting. It's less for losing weight but more for detoxification and ridding toxins in your body. I'm mostly doing this for a story assignment and also for its skin benefits. These are some benefits of juice cleansing (according to JUJU):

  • provides rest for the digestive organs
  • boost immune system
  • replenishes mineral and vitamin sources
  • improves oxygenation of cells
  • helps in the growth and repair of body tissues
  • promotes regular bowel movements
  • highly alkalizing for PH balance
  • encourages toxins to be flushed out from the body
  • encourage loss of excess weight
  • increase energy
  • increase fertility

While on the cleanse, I'm basically not allowed to eat, the juice are meal replacements themselves. But, if you get hungry, you're allowed to nibble on a number of fruits and raw vegetables. For me, I stocked up on cucumber, apples, pears, baby carrots, and banana.

JUJU delivers them a day before you start you cleanse and always fresh from their kitchen. I got mine today!

It comes in a cooler with an ice pack, and mint tea leaves for those who need something hot in the morning.

The program chosen for me by the JUJU master, Kat Azanza, was a 3-day program which starts with level 1 and ending with level 3. You can always customize the program according to your goal and taste.

For my first day, I got Green Bomb, Spicy Limonada, Red Giant, Alkazest, and Salaba't Lemon. The difference of the levels as the number of fruit based juices to vegetable based ones. The higher the level, the more vegetable juices there are.

Once delivered, it's super easy to follow instructions. Juices are labelled 1 to 6 (for each day) and they come with a time table.

Most important thing while on a juice fast is to drink loads of water!

If you want to learn more about JUJU Cleanse, their products and pricing, you can head on over here.

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